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Common Issues In High-Asset Divorces

The media frequently reports on celebrity divorces and the opulent assets that must be divided between the spouses, but any marriage where one or both parties accumulated significant income or property during their marriage can be considered a “high-asset” divorce. Professionals such as physicians, owners of closely held companies, corporate executives, even stockholders or employees of high-tech companies can find themselves in this situation.

The Ramage Law Group, serving the north Dallas metro area, focuses on family law issues, including high-asset divorces. We can help you navigate the financial fog that can obscure the division of martial property when some of the following are part of the marital estate:

  • Real estate such as vacation or investment properties
  • Jewelry or art collections
  • Stocks and bonds
  • High-value life insurance policies
  • Assets from business investments or ownership

Do More Assets = More Challenges?

In divorces where the couple has a sizable martial estate, determining a “just and right” division of those assets often hinges on the skill and experience of the attorneys representing the parties. Potential complications in high-asset cases can include:

  • Failing to conduct a thorough inventory of all assets
  • Not investigating suspicious pre- or post-filing transfers of assets
  • Not hiring professionals who understand how to value retirement accounts or stock options
  • Under- or overvaluation of collectibles or luxury items (such as a private jet)
  • Ignoring the potential value of intellectual property assets (including patents)
  • Misunderstanding or ignoring the tax consequences of asset division settlements
  • Giving asset division a lower priority than child custody, child support, alimony or other divorce issues

At The Ramage Law Group, our lawyers are persistent in discovering all possible issues you may have in dividing your assets with your former spouse. We seek to provide solutions that will put your mind at ease – and withstand scrutiny in a divorce court.

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