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Frisco Family Law Lawyers

Whatever family law concern has brought you to this website, you are wise to take the time to choose your attorney carefully. You may have a specific legal matter in mind, such as a pending Texas divorce, a child custody dispute, an adoption or a parental rights issue. Your goals may be clear and straightforward or they may be complicated. No matter your personal circumstances, it is important to work with a lawyer who understands what you are going through, who will make every effort to make your legal experience cost-effective, and who will take the time to listen to your concerns and truly serve as your advocate.

Experienced And Compassionate Representation
We are dedicated Collin County divorce and family law attorneys who value open, productive attorney-client relationships. Constructive interpersonal relationships matter to us as well as to our clients. Our extensive knowledge and experience are reassuring to new clients. We must have confidence in each other to accomplish your goals.

Divorce, child custody, family violence and adoption cases are all critically important legal concerns. An empathetic, capable advocate can relieve stress and offer guidance and much-needed objective counsel.

Family law matters often involve painful realities that must be confronted creatively and decisively. The law frequently changes and the appropriate resolution for your case may be very different from that of your friend or neighbor. You may be faced with difficult choices that you are unable to make without the guidance from a competent, caring attorney. High-conflict issues such as child custody disputes require a delicate approach as well as forthright confrontation.

We are known for honesty, clear communication and skillful representation in family law matters. Do you need help to enforce child support or custody orders? Do you hope to resolve your divorce through collaborative law methods that are designed to preserve civil relations between divorcing parents? Whatever your unique situation, we are ready to advise you and advocate on your behalf.

Our clients come to us from communities including Frisco, McKinney, Plano and Allen in Collin County, Denton County and beyond. Our goal in your Texas family law matter will be to leave you in a stronger position, ready to face the future with your legal issue resolved.

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Your family law matter is of critical importance in your life and the life of others in your family. At The Ramage Law Group, we are experienced and caring attorneys prepared to guide you through a Texas divorce, child custody matter or adoption with your best interests in mind.

Send us a message, or call 972-562-9890. Many of our clients come to us from Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Allen and other area communities. They seek personalized advice from a knowledgeable, child-focused lawyer and we work hard to meet those expectations.

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