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Substance Abuse and Its Impact on Child Custody

Most parents want what is best for their children. In a divorce, they may choose to share custody of the children so both parents are a part of the children’s’ lives. But what if the other parent neglects the child due to a substance abuse issue? Courts have the best interests of the children in… Read More

Financial Planning After Divorce

During a divorce, you no doubt have numerous issues on your mind. Child custody, child support, maintenance, asset division, to name a few. One thing many people neglect, though, is finances. How will you support yourself after a divorce? Child support and maintenance won’t pay all your expenses. If you currently aren’t working, now’s the… Read More

What Really Causes Divorce?

We are often shocked to hear that someone we love and admire is getting a divorce. You thought this couple was the perfect pair—what went wrong? What issues could have destroyed their marriage? There is no perfect marriage. Every couple faces problems. Many get through them, but others cannot come together as a couple and… Read More

The Effects of Divorce on College Students

When a couple has older children and decides that the marriage is broken, they may wait until the children have graduated from high school before filing for divorce. But even when divorce happens while the children are away at college, children are still emotionally affected by their parents’ split. When a couple has children, there… Read More