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We believe family is everything and in moms and dads who want the best for their children. We believe in soccer moms and dance dads and smiling faces at the end of the game or recital. We believe in sharing the joy of the first day of kindergarten and the bittersweet of graduation. We believe in family homework time and dinners. We believe in happy tears at the first steps, first words, first dance, and first date. We believe in wiping tears and keeping promises. We also understand that circumstances can occur that affect families and the uncertainty these events can bring. At The Ramage Law Group, we believe in families and work tirelessly to help them as their family life changes so they can face tomorrow with dignity and hope. Reach out to a Collin County family lawyer and learn more about how we could help you.

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Collin County Family Lawyer

Family law encompasses many issues that arise in families, whether that be happy occasions such as adoptions, or stressful events such as divorce, post-divorce modification, or other custody disputes. These issues are as unique and varied as the families coping with them. However, no matter the issues you are facing, at The Ramage Law Group our Collin County family law attorneys know that sometimes things get worse before they get better. But they will get better, and we want to help.

There are several situations that may require you to seek the help of a family law attorney. Our resourceful Collin County lawyers can assist with your adoption, divorce, child custody, or modification issues. All parents want their families to be happy, safe, and secure and we are passionate about helping our clients ensure their family’s future.

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Our Team Understands

We understand that every family is unique and therefore has unique needs. We take on the most challenging cases and persistently fight for a favorable resolution. We want to make a difference and have an impact on peoples’ lives and futures. Our founder Sharon Ramage began her career as a fierce advocate for children and has built a law firm dedicated to helping families fight for a brighter tomorrow for their children.

If you are experiencing any kind of family legal problem or conflict, it is critical for you to have experienced legal counsel on your side. A knowledgeable Collin County family lawyer from The Ramage Law Group can advocate for you so you can protect your family and create a safe home and stable future for your children.

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Finding the Right Attorney Matters

A family lawyer does much more than simply provide legal answers. Collin County family lawyers explore a variety of different solutions to help you achieve your goals and secure your family’s financial and emotional future and stability.

The effects of family law decisions can have a far-reaching impact. Some decisions may inadvertently result in waiving important rights, or not being able to exercise those rights to the fullest extent. When that happens, the outcome can have a significant impact on every member of your family, especially your children.

No matter the legal challenges you may be facing, one of our Collin County family lawyers can help develop a unique solution to help you meet your goals to protect your family.

What Does Family Law Cover?

Family law encompasses many different aspects of family life. Much like every family is different, so too is every strategy aimed at addressing your legal concern. This makes it important to work with a creative family lawyer in Collin County who will work zealously to help achieve your goal.

There are many different reasons why people may need a family law attorney. These can include:

  • Divorce
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Child custody
  • Modifying existing orders
  • Enforcement of existing orders
  • Adoption

    • As you can imagine, much of the law governing these and other family law concerns can be complex. If you are facing a family law-related issue, you may feel overwhelmed. However, a dedicated lawyer with our firm can help you navigate these challenges and emerge empowered to live your fullest life.

Persevering Youth Nomination Contest

Between school, activities, and friends, children in our community stay very busy. But, some children do all this while dealing with other challenges either personally, at home, or at school. The Ramage Law Group, wants to give back and showcase those children who put in the extra effort to persevere through their challenges. Visit our Perversering Youth Page for more information on how to nominate a child who fits this description to win a free birthday party.

Ask a Collin County Family Law Attorney How We Can Help

It is important to work with a Collin County family lawyer who passionately believes in the value of family. An attorney who is experienced and intuitive can see the solution to your family law issue before you and understand your pain while remaining objective. We put children first and are dedicated to finding solutions that allow for the most stable future possible.

At The Ramage Law Group, we believe in finding innovative solutions to the complex challenges families face. We are proactive in our approach and take cases others will not. Our family law attorneys can work with you to help resolve whatever issues you may be facing. Call us to learn what it means to work with a family attorney in Collin County who thinks outside of the box.

Sweet Dreams – LifePath Foundation

At the Ramage Law Group, we are passionate about mental health. Therefore, we partnered with the LifePath Foundation to send 1,000 people to mental health first aid training. We supported “Sweet Dreams”, an event that was on October 25th that raised the money for this training. To find out more information visit our Sweet Dreams page.

Hope4Today 5K

At The Ramage Law Group we strive to support all people and families struggling in our community. To this end, we are excited to have sponsored the second annual Hope4Today 5K & Fun Run on Saturday, September 15th. The event honored National Suicide Prevention Month and supported the friends and family of those who have died by suicide. To learn more about our experience supporting this cause and run, visit our Hope4Today 5K & Fun Run Page.

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Our Collin County family lawyers take pride in helping individuals through some of the most difficult times of their lives. To learn more about our experience or what we can do to help you, call and schedule a consultation with our group today.