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Collin County Adoption Lawyer

As an adoptive parent of twins from China, founding Collin County family law attorney Sharon Ramage has a deep understanding of the motivations, fears, needs, and goals of adoptive families. She has a love for adoptive families and is honored to be a part of their “forever family day.”

We know that adoptive parents need reassurance that adoption is done correctly and cannot be undone. The potential disruption of an adoptive placement is a fear of many adoptive parents. Disruption does not have to occur. Adequate legal representation by an experienced Collin County adoption attorney will provide you with the confidence and finality that your new family deserves. Please trust our firm with the most important event in your life – the formalization of your adoption.

Help Adopting a Child in McKinney and Collin County

Collin County Adoption Lawyer

We are experienced in the legal requirements and special challenges that may arise in the area of adoption such as:

  • Termination of parental rights
  • Adoption by single parents
  • Indian Child Welfare Act
  • Adoption by other family members, such as a grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or cousin
  • Adoption of disabled children
  • Adoption by older parents
  • Foreign adoption
  • Stepparent adoption

Many family law attorneys will tell you they will gladly handle your adoption case. Adoption is one of the happier areas of family law. Indeed, it is very satisfying for all concerned to facilitate greater stability for children who have become available for adoption through any channel, whether through a death in the family, the incapacity of one or both biological parents, remarriage, and formation of strong stepparenting relationships, CPS foster care, agency placement or international adoption. However, not all law firms have attorneys with extensive professional and personal experience in this area. Adoptions can present complex legal and emotional issues that must be addressed by a competent Collin County adoption attorney.

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Whatever your circumstances and special concerns related to adoption in Texas, contact one of our Collin County adoption lawyers to schedule a consultation.