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Collin County High Conflict Custody Lawyer

Child custody is traditionally one of the most difficult areas of family law to resolve. High-conflict child custody disputes can be the most painful and expensive family law areas to resolve — and in the end, perhaps neither parent will be completely satisfied with the outcome. Core conflicts may have to do with complicated issues such as:

  • Family violence
  • Drug or alcohol abuse or addiction
  • Mental illness
  • Personality disorders
  • Alleged unsafe conditions in the home of either parent
  • Geographical distance between parents (relocation)
  • Stated child preferences in conflict with the status quo
  • Allegations of parental alienation
  • Grandparent and extended family involvement
  • Military divorce, perhaps including periods of overseas deployment
  • Frequently shifting job schedules of one or both parents
High Conflict Custody attorney in McKinney

Collin County Custody Disputes Attorney

Regardless of the particulars of your high-conflict child custody case, rest assured that we are well prepared to advocate zealously on your and your child’s behalf. The main focus of the conflict may center on geographical considerations or questions of the fitness of one or both parents to provide a stable home for your children. We are ready to advise and represent you with an eye on preserving your parental rights in light of the best interests of children under the circumstances.

Your Child Should Ideally Feel At Home With Both Parents — Not Like A Visitor

As a former social worker and an adoptive parent, Sharon Ramage has a great deal of personal as well as professional experience in child-related legal matters. As a lawyer since 1992, she is well prepared to help you get creative — and assertive of your rights — as you look toward your future with your children.

Cases Involving Mental Illness

Have you or your spouse been diagnosed with a mental illness such as bipolar disorder or depression? Does your spouse have a mental illness that interferes with parenting? Are you compliant with medication management for a mental illness and the other parent is seeking to use that diagnosis to deny access to your children? Our attorneys at the Ramage Law Group have extensive experience working with mental health professionals and an in-depth understanding of psychological conditions that may place your children or your ability to parent your children at risk. The right experts may be able to testify that with medication and ongoing therapy, you are fit to retain child custody. On the other hand, some psychological conditions may impair parenting to such a degree as to place children at risk with the mentally ill parent. However your family is affected by mental illness, we can help you confront this conflict head-on and effectively.

We are available to serve you anywhere in Collin County, Denton County or nearby from our law offices in Collin County. Our clients seek our advice and representation in child custody cases in:

  • McKinney
  • Frisco
  • Allen
  • Plano
  • Other area communities

High conflict custody? An attorney’s skills and dedication can make a great difference for you during this challenging, high-stakes conflict. Call or email our law offices for more information on how we can assist you at this time.