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Post Divorce Modifications in Collin County

A final divorce decree or child custody order may feel like an ending point. In fact, it is the beginning of life after divorce or separation. Individuals and families continue to change, even after a divorce or a child custody order is in place. When there are substantial changes in your circumstances such as a change in income, loss of employment, relocation or change in the needs of your children, a modification may be necessary and appropriate. Contact one of our Collin County family law lawyers to learn more about your proposed or potential post-decree modification in terms of:

Collin County Support Modification Lawyer

Sharon Ramage can provide the information, guidance, and advocacy that you need as you seek a modification of court orders or seek to stop a proposed modification.

With a combined experience of more than 50 years, the attorneys at the Ramage Law Group are qualified to help families navigate changes and legal challenges. We are prepared to help you document your case as you petition a family law judge to grant a post-divorce or post-child custody order modification. The best interests of your children will remain the key consideration in a child custody or child support modification.

Are you looking for information on post-decree changes regarding custody or support in or near Frisco or Collin or Denton County? Our firm can help you. Call or email our law offices today to schedule a consultation with an experienced Collin County modification lawyer.

McKinney After Divorce Modification Process