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Juvenile Law

Every parent’s nightmare is a call from the police about their child. When an adult commits a crime, he goes to jail, and his fate is determined by the adult criminal justice system. When a child between the ages of 10 and 16 commits a crime, the juvenile court system becomes a part of your family’s life. Your child may be held in a juvenile detention center or may be released to his home if supervision is possible. If your child is found by the Court to be responsible (or guilty in adult terms), he may be placed on probation, could be sent to a group home, or possibly detained at the Texas Youth Commission for a period of time decided by the Court

The first focus of the juvenile justice system is not punishment – it is rehabilitation so the youth will reform and grow to be a productive, law-abiding adult. This is different from the adult system, where punishment is the primary goals. If your child is facing criminal charges, it is important that you involve an attorney very early in the process. Texas law requires that the child have an attorney. You cannot represent your child. There is no guarantee for a court-appointed attorney.

At The Ramage law Group, our juvenile attorney is a Board Certified Juvenile attorney, which means that she has a level of expertise in this area of law. Juvenile law is highly specialized, and it is important to hire an attorney who understands the differences between the Juvenile Justice and adult systems.

The sooner an experienced juvenile attorney becomes involved in your child’s case, the sooner the attorney can make sure your child’s rights are protected. Our juvenile attorney at The Ramage Law Group can help protect your child. Please contact our office or email us for a consultation.