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Persevering Youth Nomination

Many children keep busy by being involved in a handful of activities. From extracurriculars such as soccer and ballet to school and friends, kids are busy people and certainly keep their parents on their toes. Being a child can be tough sometimes though, and some children have to deal with more difficulties in life than spelling and math tests.

The Ramage Law Group supports families and youths in times of adversity and struggle, and that is why we are offering the Persevering Youth Nomination. For kids who have pushed through whatever struggles they face and have excelled as a result. Whether it is finally getting that gold star in math or overcoming more serious struggles, we want to recognize a young member of our community. We invite adults in the community to fill out the form below to nominate a deserving youth who have overcome their challenges or is working to overcome them, whatever they may be. Please be sure to describe the adversity that the youth is facing and how they’re working to or have overcome that challenge.

Nominations will be accepted until January 18th. The winner will have their next birthday party paid for by Ramage Law Group up to $250.

Nomination Form